Hiking Mount Rinjani

One of the most amazing natural sights in Indonesia is Mount Rinjani, a stunning volcano made all the more exciting by the fact that it’s active! Located on the island of Lombok, Mount Rinjani is the second-tallest volcano in Indonesia, and its caldera holds the spectacular Sagara Anak, a crater lake named for its ocean-blue color. The mountain is also surrounded by tropical rainforest and many species of animals, particularly monkeys. For climbers both experienced and otherwise, this affordable and beautiful hike is the perfect addition to any personalised Asia holiday.

Trekking the volcano

Mount Rinjani is located within the area designated as the Mount Rinjani National Park, which dominates the island of Lombok. Experienced mountaineers can choose to climb the volcano themselves, but most tourists might benefit from going with a guide company that will lead you through the jungle.

Guide companies offer many different packages for climbing the volcano, ranging from two days and one night to six days and five nights. You can also choose between climbing to the rim of the volcano and climbing to the peak. Most groups only reach the rim of the volcano before they descend to Sagara Anak, but for the highly active, you can set yourself the challenge of climbing to the very peak.

Many tour groups plan the hike so that your party arrives at the rim in time to catch the beautiful sunset before you settle in for the night. The next day, you can descend to the caldera and experience the beautiful Sagara Anak. The cool lake is wonderfully refreshing after a long climb up the volcano, and you’ll get a day to relax and enjoy the water as much as you like. There are also hot springs in the caldera, heated by the lava deep in the volcano.

Making the most of your trip

Treks are usually only available from April-November as this is the dry season, so plan accordingly. It also tends to be much cheaper to book the tour once you arrive on the island. This is also where you’ll find the most experienced guides.

When planning your trip, you will have the option to leave from Senaru, Sembalun, or central Lombok. These different routes all have something to offer. Most groups depart from Senaru, while summit-seekers leave from Sembalun. Central Lombok departures take the Benang Stokel route, which boasts spectacular waterfalls for the most experienced hikers.

Most importantly, pack the right clothes. It can get cold and wet on top of the volcano, so long trousers, jackets and waterproof clothing are essential. Proper clothing can make all the difference on a beautiful hike up a volcano.