Ha Long Bay: A mysterious venture you cannot afford to miss

Ha Long Bay: A mysterious venture you cannot afford to miss

Ha Long Bay: A mysterious venture you cannot afford to missIn your lifetime, how many holidays will you look back upon and think wow, that trip really took my breath away? While Arizona’s Grand Canyon, Zambia’s Victoria Falls or even the Great Wall of China may invoke such a sensation, holidays to Vietnam also boast this enviable notion.

Indeed, Ha Long Bay which resides in Vietnam’s Quang Ninh Province and around a three hour journey from the capital Hanoi, is truly one of the most spectacular sights in the world and quite rightly belongs on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Turquoise waters – a beautiful sight taken in isolation – are joined by thousands of limestone karsts which stick out like thumbs from the water’s surface, appearing mysteriously as part of a bay landscape only previously imaginable in fairy tales or fantasy trilogies.

Of course, given the intrigue and size of Ha Long Bay, it isn’t surprising to observe that tens of thousands of junk boats negotiate the maze of limestone rocks everyday building a visual scene that truly satisfies many peoples’ popular envisagement of Asia prior to travel.

Getting out on the water and up close in this fascinating environment will take paramount importance once you reach the city of Ha Long, and an overwhelming amount of companies will vie for your custom so it’s advisable to book your trip as part of your touring options prior to departure – as you can do with Freedom Asia.

There are conflicting standpoints in regards to the best time to visit Ha Long Bay. On the one hand, many travellers who have enjoyed Vietnam holidays will note that spring is the best time given the clearer skies, an avoidance of the typically busy summer holidays and the dodging of the potentially spoiling rainy season.

However, for those true adventurers out there, winter pursuits of Ha Long Bay are accompanied by thick mists which on the one hand, do distort unblemished views of the collection of limestone finger formations somewhat, but on the other creating a mysterious and slightly eerie scene which is bound to enthral the senses in an unforgettable experience.

Travellers don’t have to be bound by their junk boat when negotiating Ha Long Bay and with many of the numerous islands comprising thin strips of sand, tourists are inclined to swim and kayak during their adventure here.