‘Get to know reef and leopard sharks’ on holidays to Thailand

Scuba divingEnthusiastic jet-setters on holidays to Thailand, eager to experience all the destination has to offer, might enjoy spending a day or so on the isle of Ko Phi Phi Don, which offers the intrepid voyager a number of water sports.

For example, those on Thailand holidays can go scuba diving, probably having an encounter with either reef or leopard sharks, although basking sharks have also been seen in the area, while swimmers could also come across hawksbill turtles, Suite 101 reports.

What’s more, kayaking, rock climbing, snorkelling, cliff jumping and tours around some of the uninhabited islets surrounding Ko Phi Phi Don can be undertaken as well, suggesting that those on holidays to Thailand are unlikely to be bored during their vacations.

Meanwhile, Phuket appears to be proving popular for Indian tourists, as TNA recently reported that more than 400 couples from the country are heading over there to tie the knot.