Find out about vaccine details ‘before Thailand holidays’

Before embarking on a holiday to Asia it is worth finding out which vaccines are required.

This is according to Dr Richard Dawood, who states in a piece for the Telegraph that having the rabies and hepatitis B jabs before going to the continent might be worthwhile, especially for those venturing off the beaten track.

This may apply to individuals venturing on Thailand holidays and it could be an ideal time to question a nurse about health advice abroad.

Moreover, he added that those travelling to rural Asia might want to find out about a new vaccine against Japanese encephalitis.

And he recommended people should take precautions against insect bites by "covering up and using repellents, nets or mosquito killers in your bedroom".

One destination that individuals could use this advice on is Koh Samui in Thailand, which was described by Chris Reed, writing a travel piece for the New Zealand Herald, as delivering the height of lavishness and hospitality.