“Fantastic deals” around for Thailand holidays

Those searching for a decent holiday offer may like to consider what south-east Asia has to offer them.

According to Joanna Cooke, consumer marketing and PR manager for Tourism Thailand, there are some "fantastic deals" around for those looking to go on Thailand holidays.

She added that luckily the nation is a great destination to visit any month of the year and is somewhere that has good weather.

Popular current destinations are Koh Samui and Koh Phangan, with both islands providing an array of beaches to check out.

"When you ask most people what they love about Thailand and why they go, it's the hospitality and the Thai charm – which the country is so renowned for – and obviously the beaches," she noted.

One aspect that potential visitors to the country may want to bear in mind is the vaccinations that might be required before visiting the nation, according to Dr Richard Dawood in a piece for the Telegraph.