Express Route between China and Europe on its way

Air China has established an express flight from China to Europe labelled “Easy Way Beijing-Frankfurt”, making travel between the two countries more convenient than ever before.

The new connection is principally designed to link the Chinese capital to the German financial center of Frankfurt in order to improve China’s international competitiveness, but is equally beneficial to tourists.

The announcement follows the memorandum of understanding signed in September 2016 between Air China, Beijing Capital Airport and Frankfurt Airport. The partnership between the two airports is designed to simplify the boarding process by providing travelers with specific boarding gates, check-in counters and baggage areas at the two airports. It also aims to reduce time between transferring flights in both airports and flight capacity.

In a statement released by Air China, the airline explained their aims in introducing the “Easy Way Beijing-Frankfurt”.

“This new project aims to develop Beijing and Frankfurt into major international aviation hubs and promote the development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. It will also provide passengers with a comfortable, seamless travel experience,” Air China said.

Although this express flight may seem to be more targeted towards international business professionals, taking a trip to Jingjinji (the national capital region of China) could prove to be an excellent holiday. Travelers can visit and experience the ancient sites of China, including the Forbidden City (which was the imperial palace throughout the Ming and Qing dynasties) and of course the Great Wall of China. Other notable places to visit are Tiananmen Square, Temple of Heaven (which dates from 1420), the beautiful gardens and lakes at Summer Palace, and Yonghe Temple, the Buddhist monastery.

Whatever your travel intentions, this new partnership between Air China and Frankfurt Airport makes transcontinental travel much easier and more enjoyable!