Exploring Jiuzhaigou National Park

If you’re planning a personalised China holiday and you’re looking for stunning spots to explore, unwind and enjoy unforgettable experiences, you won’t be disappointed when you reach Jiuzhaigou National Park. This beautiful reserve in the South West of China is famed for its bright blue and green pools and its breathtaking waterfalls. If you’re keen to find out more, here’s what to see and do on your visit to captivating Jiuzhaigou National Park.


Introducing Jiuzhaigou National Park

Jiuzhaigou National Park is located in Jiuzhai Valley in the South Western province of Northern Sichuan. The Chinese name translates to ‘nine village valley’ in English, which relates to the nine Tibetan villages found in the park. Jiuzhaigou National Park is China’s most precious reserve and it boasts a stunning array of wildlife species in addition to awe-inspiring scenery. The park occupies an enviable spot at between 1,990 and 4,764 metres above sea level, affording visitors incredible vistas across the valley and over the peaks of the Min Shan Mountain Range. The park can be accessed via direct flights from Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou.

What to see and do: highlights you don’t want to miss

Jiuzhaigou National Park is a veritable feast for all the senses and it has something to offer everyone. Whether you’re into hiking and trekking, you’re an animal lover, a bird-spotter or you’re simply looking to enjoy the spectacular scenery and soak up the tranquillity, this is a place that could never disappoint. The park is renowned for its vivid blue and green lakes and it is home to more than 220 species of bird. If you’re lucky, you’ll also be able to spot Sichuan golden monkeys, takins and China’s most prized asset, the giant panda. Highlights include Sparkling Lake, Panda Lake, Long Lake and Five Flowers Lake and Pearl Shoals Waterfall and Nuorilang Waterfall. Each spectacle is dazzling in its own right, but encountering such a magnificent series of wonders and structures is something for which it’s impossible to prepare. Even if you’ve seen postcards and guidebook images, there’s nothing like seeing the lakes and falls with your own eyes.

When to visit

Jiuzhaigou National Park is a delight at any time of the year, but many believe that the scenery is at its most dramatic in the autumn. The leaves are changing colour and they provide a mesmerising contrast to the vibrant hues of the water. In the spring and summer, temperatures rise and there’s a risk of rain and you may have to contend with crowds. In the winter, there’s a chance of snow, which creates truly spectacular scenery, but the conditions can be more difficult.