Expanded commercial space to boost Langkawi Airport

Expanded commercial space to boost Langkawi Airport

Expanded commercial space to boost Langkawi AirportThe island of Langkawi is an idyllic destination on holidays to Malaysia and the recent refurbishment of the region’s International Airport is set to create increased revenue – as much as US$2.5 million for the remainder of 2013, according to the Malaysia Airports organisation.

As part of a five-year progression plan, aptly titled ‘Runway to Success’, Langkawi International Airport has decided to pursue a so-called leisure model in regards to the new refurbished design with consumer-facing franchises appearing in an expanded commercial space representing a five per cent increase that has been commissioned for the terminal.

Specifically appealing to international tourists, these consumer brands such as Fila, Casa Impian, Marrybrown, Gloe and Shock Proof offer travellers amenities to peruse and enjoy before embarking or arriving on a flight, making for a more pleasurable airport transit experience.

The Langkawi restoration was completed in accordance with the ambitions of Tourism Malaysia who have maintained their efforts to promote the Asian nation to the world as a quality travel destination.

Malaysia Airports chairman, Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Dr. Wan Abdul Aziz explained about the airport restoration process in greater detail, noting “The adoption and implementation of the Airport Commercial Models are carried out with specific customer profiles and needs in mind as well as the locations and roles of each airport in their respective regions.

“It underscores Malaysia Airports’ commitment to meet and enrich the varied needs and cosmopolitan mix of travellers passing through our 39 gateways throughout the country.”

He also carried on noting that the five per cent increase in commercial space is expected to create an ‘additional revenue of +15 per cent’ equating at around RM7.6 million for the rest of 2013.