‘Enjoy film screenings’ on Thailand holidays

Clapper boardA number of Imax cinemas are to open in Thailand in 2010, following "tremendous interest" in the theatre experience.

This is according to Vicha Poolvaraluck, the chairman of the Major Cineplex Group – the largest operator in the country, which is to soon introduce two giant screens in Bangkok this year.

"Imax’s digital theatre system is ideal for our market as we have several premium locations and our first Imax theatre has enjoyed tremendous success," he remarked.

And chief executive of Imax Richard Gelfond made further comments, stating that thus far in 2010 the company has taken on 40 new Asian locations, with box office results from 2009 and the first two quarters of 2010 spurring this growth.

In addition, the organisation recently struck a deal with Chinese business Stellar Cinemas to install theatre systems in Beijing and Shanghai, with Imax stating that the country is the corporation’s fastest-growing market.