Emirates announce new service to Cambodia

21 Feb, 2017

In a welcome addition to the options available to tourists looking to explore the undeveloped coastline, fascinating history and stunning temples of Cambodia, Emirates have announced that they will soon be introducing a new direct service between Cambodia and Dubai. … Continue reading

Iconic views at Merlion Park, Singapore

20 Feb, 2017

If you’re in the process of choosing your next holiday destination, why not consider Singapore? This modern, forward-thinking island is a perfect place to combine urban adventures with a walk on the wild side, and mix rest and relaxation with … Continue reading

Hiking Mount Rinjani

17 Feb, 2017

One of the most amazing natural sights in Indonesia is Mount Rinjani, a stunning volcano made all the more exciting by the fact that it’s active! Located on the island of Lombok, Mount Rinjani is the second-tallest volcano in Indonesia, … Continue reading

A visit to the floating markets

14 Feb, 2017

The floating markets are a trademark attraction in Southeast Asia. Found all over the region, the markets began back when boats were the main form of transportation in the area. Farmers wanted to sell their goods without fighting through the … Continue reading