Holidays to Thailand rise this year

19 Apr, 2012

Holidays to Thailand are proving increasingly popular as more people catch on to the endless opportunities for fun, relaxation and excitement that the country has to offer. Figures from the Ministry of Tourism and Sports Tourism Department show the Southeast … Continue reading

Phuket’s future could be tied to Burma

18 Apr, 2012

The opening up of Burma to foreign tourists could be seen as a threat to the continued popularity of its Southeast Asian neighbours. But Thailand holidays are not in any danger of being usurped by Burmese trips just yet, and … Continue reading

One night in Bangkok, 12 markets to check out

17 Apr, 2012

Shopping is part of most people's holidays in Thailand, and there is nowhere better than the capital itself. But Bangkok, while laced with Western-style malls and luxury boutiques, is also famous for its night markets, where you can enjoy some … Continue reading