China has the fastest growing airports in the world


chinaThe Asia/Pacific region will account for more than half of all new passengers in the next 20 years. Of course, this growth will lead to a makeover of airports across China and India. In fact, we’ve already started to see this growth occur in the past few years.

11 of the 20 fastest growing airports in the world are found in China. It has been reported that the growth in airports across China stems from Chinese residents having a greater urge to travel and due to the fact that airfares have become cheaper and easier to access. The China National Tourism Administration reported that 270 million inbound and outbound travellers went through the country’s airports in 2017, which was a 3.7 percent growth from 2016.

The Zhuhai Jinwan Airport which serves the Guangdong Province city of Zhuhai, is expected to see the largest amount of growth in the future after a 37 percent increase in passengers from 2017.

It really shouldn’t come as a massive surprise that we are seeing airports in China with such a large amount of growth. The country’s huge population, booming economy, and tourism industry all play a vital role in the growth. There are so many cities in China that are just starting to scratch the surface in terms of becoming a true world city. Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong have all established themselves as the face as Chinese city life. It’s worth noting that Beijing was the only city to fall into the top 20 list. One of the main reasons for this is that due to better infrastructure around China, visitors to the country are looking to explore other areas and discover the spectacular range of traditions, beauty spots and attractions China has to offer.