Chelsea Flower Show garden could encourage Malaysia holidays

Tourists looking to experience the scenery of Kuala Lumpur before their travels might like to take a look at one of this year's award-winning Chelsea Flower Show entries.

James Wong and David Cubero created a garden using traditional architectural ideas found in the city, so it could be a great way to sample the sights before going on Malaysia holidays.

A gold medal has been awarded for the duo's efforts, which is a modernist take on the courtyard pools found in urban areas of the country. These are a mixture of water sheets and plants to create a natural air-conditioning system.

Dotted around the scene are jungle vines draped over a limestone wall that surrounds the small pond. To reach it, visitors much find their way from a villa using a set of floating frames.

Next week (May 20th), the agricultural celebrations will continue at the Kadazandusun Harvest Festival, held in Penampang. Locals will sing and dance before seeing the final of a beauty pageant.