Cambodia to launch ‘one tourist, one tree’ campaign

Cambodia to launch ‘one tourist, one tree’ campaign

Holidays to Cambodia are set to take on a more environmentally friendly feel after the country’s tourism minister Thong Khon announced plans for a “one tourist, one tree” campaign.

As part of the directive which will begin on the 27th February, tourists will be encouraged to protect the environment as part of a green tourism initiative, enabling for a clearer consciousness in regards to reducing the carbon footprint imbedded when travelling abroad.

With every tourist hoped to forge part of the initiative, each of their small contributions can amalgamate together creating at least some impact in the ongoing battle the world faces in addressing issues of climate change, global warming and cases of natural disaster.

Khon told TR Weekly “The tree-planting campaign will be a new and attractive tourism product and will ensure tourists are also making a contribution to a cleaner and greener environment.

“It can be a magnet to attract tourists to re-visit Cambodia in order to see attractive destinations and the trees they planted on an earlier visit.”

By offering the tourist something which can be considered personal, while fulfilling the double benefit of aiding the environment at the same time, it is anticipated that the scheme can supplement the large amount of travellers who already prioritise Cambodia as a desirable destination.

In 2012, the Southeastern Asian nation welcomed 3.5 million international tourists increasing 25 per cent since the previous year and these arrivals contributed US$2 billion to the Cambodian economy.

Khon continued “Tourism is one of the four pillars supporting the Cambodian economy while environment protection covers all industries including tourism.”