Big families to go on Thailand holidays?

Those lining up a trip to Asia could be doing so with a number of friends or relatives.

This is because research carried out by esure travel insurance has found one-in-four families heading abroad – which may be on Thailand holidays – are planning to do so with at least six family members.

Some 40 per cent have said they are looking to have quality time with their extended group, while 42 per cent do not think they get to see enough of their relations every year.

Nikki Sellers, head of travel insurance at esure, stated: "Going away on holiday with several family members can have numerous benefits – there are plenty of people to have fun with … and couples also get … to enjoy each other's company."

Families who do decide to go to Thailand will get the chance to observe different customs, shop at the local markets for crafts and observe some of the historic architecture and design that is on display in the country.