Best Islands in Thailand for an isolated beach island getaway

By Matt Tewhatu

Best Islands in Thailand for an isolated beach island getawayWhen a personalised Thailand holiday springs to mind, many think of two particular holidays. Either a traditional tourist holiday spent looking at the sights and seeking tourist areas such as Phuket or visitors looking to disappear for a while in the midst of palm trees, white sand and turquoise-coloured water.

In a country with the city that edged London in 2013 for the most visited in the world (Bangkok), it’s often hard to find a deserted island getaway. So we’ve done the hard work for you and identified the five best islands for an isolated beach paradise getaway.

Koh Kood

Located southeast of the Thai mainland parallel to Thailand’s maritime border with Cambodia, Koh Kood or Ko Kut as what it’s often referred to, represents about as isolated as you can get on you tailor-made Thailand holiday. So much so, that one of the premier resorts on the island suggests not travelling straight from your origin to the island as it takes some time getting to. Despite being the fourth largest islands in Thailand, its numbers from tourism are still very small so if you’re looking to party, this is not the place as there is virtually no night life. The added benefit of there being few tourists is that you can find your own stretch of isolated beach as well as gorgeous deserted waterfalls. However with rapidly growing tourist numbers don’t expect it to be deserted for long.

Koh Kradan

A thin island located off the Trang Province, it’s a testament to just how beautiful the island is that it’s known as one of the most visually spectacular islands in Thailand. Its white sand beaches are only interrupted by green hills with a sprinkling of resorts. The resorts on the island are the only signs of civilization with no trace of harbours or fishing villages. Primarily known for its tremendous snorkelling, you can even have an underwater wedding however with the wedding dressed replaced by scuba gear.

Kao Lao Liang

Made up of two islands, they have virtually been untouched by mass development which has resulted in Kao Lao Liang being overshadowed and not even considered among Trang Province’s more popular islands. This has helped it to stay relatively untouched by tourists which means that its primary asset is isolation. All of the facilities on the island are on the southern island Kao Lao Liang Nong which offers, like the other islands, snorkelling. However the main attractions are the beaches and the rock climbing of the cliffs that loom over the resorts. With the northern part of the island classified as a national park, there are endless stretches of isolated white sand beaches to whittle away sun-soaked days.