Bali is cheapest long-haul winter holiday destination

Bali is cheapest long-haul winter holiday destination

Bali is cheapest long-haul winter holiday destination

By Taylor Williams

The idyllic Indonesian island province of Bali is officially the cheapest long-haul winter holiday destination, according to a recent report published by the Post Office.

The Post Office Long-Haul Report was conducted in association with their Travel Money department and the aim was to identify both the cheapest and furthest away winter sun spots.

As part of the study, the Post Office’s report assesses the prices of 10 clearly defined travel necessities in as many as 34 winter sun holiday destinations.

These necessities – which many tourists often enjoy on tailor-made Bali holidays – are defined as a cup of filter coffee, a bottle of local lager, a bottle/can of Coca Cola, a glass of wine, a cocktail, a small chocolate bar, a bottle of mineral water, suncream, insect repellent and a three-course evening meal for two persons, including a bottle of wine.

The combined cost of these ten traveller must-haves is just £40.10 this year, representing a nine per cent fall from the collective price recorded in 2013.

Closely trailing behind Bali were Cape Town in South Africa and Sri Lanka in second and third places. The price of the aforementioned 10 items for 2014 was confirmed as £46.67 and £49.68 respectively.

Additional locations such as Phuket, Mombasa and Tokyo made up the top 10 cheapest long-haul destinations to travel to this winter while conversely; the report also identified the 10 most expensive winter sun spots.

Making up the top three most expensive long-haul destinations were Jumeirah in Dubai, China Town in Singapore and Auckland in New Zealand where the same 10 items would cost travellers £160.61, £155.34 and £133.01 respectively.