Asia’s most scenic river cruises

If you’re looking to enjoy a scenic river cruise in Asia, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Blessed with some of the most spectacular geography on the planet, this is a continent that is ripe for exploration on the water. If you’re planning a personalised China holiday or you have aspirations to visit Burma or Cambodia, it’s well worth considering a river cruise.

The Yangtze River

It’s tough to imagine a better way to explore the marvels of the Yangtze region than by boat. This vast channel of water is Asia’s longest river, spanning more than 3,900 miles. It’s hard to narrow down your options when it comes to choosing which part of the river to explore, but perhaps the most dramatic point is the 120-mile stretch that incorporates the Three Gorges. Here, you’ll find dramatic scenery featuring mountains shrouded in mist, deep gorges, groves bursting with bamboo and grass-covered banks. You’ll also be able to see one of the most significant feats of human engineering on the planet, the Three Gorges Dam. This giant structure is 610 feet high.

The Mekong River

Flowing between the foothills of Tibet and the Vietnamese sea, the Mekong River travels through six different countries. Most commonly, Mekong River cruises will take you through Vietnam and Cambodia, offering you the chance to catch a glimpse of ancient temples and monuments along the way. In Vietnam, you’ll have the chance to explore bustling cities like Phnom Penh and Ho Chi Minh and in Cambodia, the sight of Angkor Wat is guaranteed to enthuse and inspire you. Any trip you take along the river should offer you a glimpse into the history and importance of the river. This is a stretch of water that has significant cultural symbolism.

The Irrawaddy River, Burma

The Irrawaddy River has played an instrumental role in shaping the history of this troubled but beautiful country. In the past, Burma was a land few dared to discover but today, it is an increasingly appealing and intriguing option for travellers. The river has contributed to the economic rise of the nation and it also holds cultural and spiritual significance for the people of Burma. The best time of year to take a cruise along the Irrawaddy River is the dry season, which runs between November and February. By the time you reach March, temperatures and levels of humidity have soared.