Asia enjoying world’s fastest tourism growth

The Asia-Pacific region is currently seeing the fastest growth in tourist arrival numbers of any region in the world.

Figures released by the Mastercard Asia Pacific Destinations Index for this year announced that the Asian cities of Bangkok, Tokyo and Singapore are proving irresistible for tourists who are looking to get a taste of what the eastern continent is all about. In fact, the three cities took all of the top three spots for highest international overnight arrivals.

With approximately 62.03 million trips made by Chinese tourists across the world in total according to the China National Tourism Administration, China ranked as the number one country of origin.

A land of spectacular temples, a dazzling cuisine and beautiful natural treasures, Thailand is enjoying a particularly booming travel industry: tourism generated 20% of the country’s gross domestic product over the past year, and experts are predicting that this will rise by another 10% this year.

And while China will remain an important factor in the strength of the tourism sector in Asia, India is increasingly getting in on the act. The annual growth of Indian visitors to Thailand in the second quarter of this year was 15%.

With flights readily available and the range of options for accommodation increasing all the time, a holiday to Asia comes across as something of a no brainer. Even now that the world is so connected, the continent still offers an exotic window into another world for tourists from the west – and the popularity of places like Thailand among the Chinese shows that it is considered a treasure even by those who live nearby.

With income from the booming tourist sector rising, expect to see even more exciting options for your holiday on the way!