Animal encounters at the Night Safari in Singapore

The inventor of the Night Safari in Singapore has given tourists a real gift: the world’s very first nocturnal safari, it puts a completely new spin on the experience and is a wonderful activity to round off a day of sightseeing in the Garden City in style.

The Night Safari has now rightly become one of the country’s most popular attractions after picking up the gong for the Singapore Tourist Board’s Best Attraction a total of twelve times. Unlike many other zoos, it is completely open-air, meaning that the animals are not housed in cages but rather separated from visitors by natural barriers. Aside from cattle-grids to stop animals wandering into each other’s areas, the myriad of creatures that call the park home are free to live life as if in their natural habitat.

Set in 86 acres of humid tropical forest, the area is home to over 2,500 animals including Indian rhinoceros, Asian elephants, pangolins and tarsiers, all lit up by specially-created lighting which was designed to simulate moonlight and is non-intrusive for the animals.

Perhaps the main attraction here is a guided tram ride which allows you to sit back and relax as you’re transported through the six geographical zones of the park, from the Himalayan Foothills to the mystery of the Asian Riverine Forest.

If you would rather explore the park yourself on foot, though, you can set off on one of the walking trails. This has its own benefits, as you’re likely to come across some species that you won’t be able to spot on the tram. Look out for the Leopard Trail for your chance to see these majestic big cats up close, and you may see supper being caught during hunting time along the Fishing Cat Trail.

For an extra special evening at the Night Safari, try the ‘Evening in the Wild’ experience. You’ll be led to a secret lakeside campsite in a clearing of the forest filled with the shimmering sparkle of fairy lights and sat down for an indulgent three-course meal in Singapore’s first tipi tent. As part of the experience, you’ll also have specially reserved seats for the Creatures of the Night show.

A combination of magical animal encounters and innovative performances is what the Night Safari delivers, all in a one-of-a-kind setting that draws visitors from all over the world. So, for an after-dark experience like no other, be sure to put this one-of-a-kind attraction on your itinerary!