Alternative pursuits to Tiananmen Square in Beijing

Alternative pursuits to Tiananmen Square in Beijing

Alternative pursuits to Tiananmen Square in BeijingTiananmen Square is one of the most iconic tourist destinations in all of China, let alone Beijing and the unmistakable temple and square that guards the entrance to the Imperial City is visited by tens of thousands of people on holidays to China every year.

With Tiananmen adorning the famous large portrait of Mao Zedong in commemoration of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the landmark is incredibly sacred and an overwhelming sense of grandness, culture and tradition will excite the senses for travellers incorporating a visit into their China holidays in Beijing.

However, with Beijing representing one of the largest cities in the world, spanning some 6,336.14 sq km, there is plenty of other retreats to discover and the only stress you may face is cramming it all in during your stay!

Here are four other recommendations regarding sightseeing in Beijing.

Summer Palace

Many people’s envisagements of China before they travel would probably revolve around such a landscape as is prevalent at the Summer Palace. Located in northwest Beijing, Summer Palace is advised for walkers who are simply content to waste the day away in beautiful surroundings, including temples, bridges and a lake. The imperial gardens are spread over 10 acres and are believed to be the largest of their kind within China.

Shichahai Lakes

When the weather is nice, taking a rowing boat out on the Shichahai Lakes can prove a pleasurable experience. Located close by to the Forbidden City, view central Beijing from a different perspective while ticking off other esteemed sights such as Yingding Bridge. You may even want to drink tea and taste local delicacies on board to supplement your trip.

Beijing Zoo

When visiting China, it would prove fulfilling to witness the country’s most sacred species – the Giant Panda which can be seen alongside other native species such as the Sichaun golden monkey, Tibetan yaks and Manchurian tigers.

Home to around a mighty 5,000 animals, the zoo is easily accessible from central Beijing on subway line four and entry fees vary between 10 to 15 RMB.

Bird’s Nest Stadium

Few sporting stadiums worldwide can match the outlandish design of Beijing’s Bird’s Nest Stadium – the complex that hosted the 2008 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The complex is illuminated in orange light at night and makes for a fantastic panoramic photographic opportunity to tick off your sightseeing checklist.