AirAsia to introduce Airbus A330 aircraft

AirAsia has announced its plan to introduce the Airbus A330 aircraft for two of its routes. The new aircraft begins operating on April 19th between Kuala Lumpur, Maldives and Macau, with the potential for more destinations in the future. This is the first time the low-cost airline will use the enormous, twin-aisle aircraft. The Airbus A330, with a capacity of 377 passengers, more than doubles the 180 seat traditional AirAsia aircraft, the A320.

The use of this new, larger aircraft will also allow AirAsia to offer premium cabins for the first time. Each A330 will provide 12 flat-bed seats.

Spencer Lee, AirAsia’s commercial head, encouraged tourists to book tickets on the new flights while they’re still going.

“We are pleased to increase the capacity by deploying our Airbus A330 for the period of one month. AirAsia as a group is serious about providing the best connectivity to our guests and we are able to make such changes by simply using the group’s assets better.

“This Airbus A330 will provide an increase of 197 seats per flight. We urge guests to use this opportunity to grab the hot deals with more seats, greater values and more services offered,” he said.

In addition to simply increasing flight capacity, the larger plane will allow for cheaper, more efficient flights. Air Asia is planning on opening up more flights with the A330 to other locations such as Kaohsiung, Pontianak and Semarang. Services to these locations will increase to once a day. Other locations, like Siem Reap, will see an increase in services to as high as twice per day.