Adventure in the Langkawi archipelago by jet ski

The Langkawi archipelago to the northwest of Malaysia’s mainland is undisputedly beautiful, and the best way to see every nook and cranny of the islands is via jet ski.

If you have ever wondered about taking a jet ski tour on a personalised holiday, this is the ideal location. The islands are lined with palm trees and golden sand, and the ocean water is a beautiful blue. Currently, the most popular way to explore the islands is on a boat tour, though jet ski tours have the edge; not only are they more intimate, there’s a sense of freedom associated with jet skis, not to mention the guaranteed adrenaline rush. At first, operating a jet ski may seem difficult to a beginner, but the trick is to travel faster rather than slower. After the first hour, you’ll feel as if you’ve been riding jet skis your whole life.

Jet skiers are given the opportunity to explore caves, see the ancient rock paintings and watch local spear fishermen in action. On a jet ski, you move at your own pace, and can get a detailed look at the natural beauty of the islands. Another attraction riders will be able to see is Pregnant Maiden Lake on the island of Dayang Bunting. After mooring your jet skis, and trekking through jungle bush, you arrive at a lake of impressive proportions that is said to have mystical powers for infertile women. Surrounded by more jungle, the emerald green, warm water is very inviting for everyone. There are opportunities to kayak, paddleboat or swim in the lake, as well as lounge on the wooden dock.

Along the tour, riders have the chance to get up close and personal with Langkawi’s wildlife. The iconic Brahminy kite eagles are abundant throughout the islands, as are two types of monkeys: the macaque and dusky leaf monkey. The Brahminy kite eagles and macaque monkey recognize tourists as potential feeders, so bear this in mind when traveling to Langkawi. Most tour companies offer three to four hour trips around the islands.

After the tour is over, visitors can spend the rest of the day at one of the many other attractions Langkawi has to offer. From the Sky Bridge and cable cars to the various aquariums and wildlife parks, Langkawi has plenty to offer for a family vacation. Visit this beautiful spot and explore the islands on a once-in-a-lifetime jet ski tour.